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Publications » Lexicon and Grammar of Tepehuan

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    The main part of this work is a bilingual Tepehuan-Spanish dictionary for the Southeastern Tepehuan variant, spoken in the community of Santa María Ocotán, municipality of Mezquital in the Mexican state of Durango. It includes most of the common words used in everyday speech in the Tepehuan community and in the transcribed texts.

    As explained in the introduction, all senses are illustrated with an example sentence, and verb and noun entries contain a list of common irregular forms. Many variant pronunciations, subentries, and other cross-references are also included.

    The Spanish-Tepehuan section is a list of the Spanish words used as translations in the Tepehuan-Spanish section. For more information, the reader can consult the entries for the corresponding Tepehuan words.

    Following the dictionary is a description of the phonology and grammar of Southeastern Tepehuan. Since many technical linguistic terms are used, they are defined in a glossary.

    The appendices give specialized terms for kinship, body parts, numbers, sounds, and place names. Also included is a map of the main settlements in the Tepehuan region.

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