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Personal Page

David Tuggy

I was born on 4 January 1950, in Caripe del Guácharo,  Monagas, Venezuela. I am the third of Alfred Tuggy and Alegría (Joy) Turner Tuggy's nine children. I grew up in Venezuela till age 16. In 1970 I married Joy Townsend (daughter of Cameron and Elaine Townsend). Our children (born between 1972 and 1982) are Christopher, Heidi, Craig, Heather, and Holly. Chris is married to Heidi Almack Tuggy, Heidi to Bill Corbin, Craig to Michelle Strayer Tuggy, and Heather to Jordan Whiteley. We are very proud to be grandparents to Heidi and Bill's five children (Katie, Craig, Christopher, Kelly and Chloe), Craig and Michelle’s three (Karis, Joel and Silas), and Chris and Heidi’s four (David, Tobijah, Korban and Amalia), and Heather and Jordan’s son Josiah.

David Tuggy Family 2010

Chris T, David & Heidi T, Michelle, Joel & Craig T, Holly, Chloe, Katie, Heidi C & Bill,  Heather & Jordan
Joy, Karis, Kelly, David, Christopher C, Craig C
(May 2010)

Permanent Address (for forwarding mail): 
SIL—16131 N Vernon Dr
Catalina AZ 85739-9395

Tel: (520)825-6000, email

Hobbies and other interests:

  • Astronomy
  • Woodworking
  • Orthinology (a.k.a. word-botching)
  • Reading

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