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Conference presentations: Merrill, Elizabeth D. 2011. "The Observer's Paradox: Skewing and ways to avoid it in language documentation." Presented at the International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation at University of Hawaii at Manoa, Feb. 11th-13th, 2011. (The PowerPoint , presentation notes, outline, and handout including a selected bibliography are available here, until the ICLDC organizers post them, at which point I'll change this to a link.) Merrill, Elizabeth D. 2010. Un resumen de unos breves proyectos de documentación multimedia en cinco variantes del zapoteco del valle: según una perspectiva histórica y con estrategias futuras para preservación. Coloquio Thomas C. Smith Stark (COLOV), Biblioteca Burgoa, Oaxaca, Oaxaca, 16 a 18 de abril, 2010.
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  • See the Ethnologue SIL Bibliography site for full publication details on published works.