Thomas N. Headland
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Shorter Journal & Magazine Articles and Published Reports

2008. William Richard Merrifield [Obituary]. Anthropology News 49:53.

2004. Basketballs for Bows & Arrows: Deforestation and Agta Culture Change. An invited piece for Cultural Survival Quarterly. 28(2):41-44, June.

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2002. Kenneth Lee Pike [Obituary]. Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association 75 (5): 198-201 (May).

2001. Kenneth Lee Pike (1912-2000) [A biography]. An invited piece forAmerican Anthropologist 103:505-509.

2001. When Did the Epidemic Begin? An invited piece for Anthropology News 42(1)5-6.

2000. Four Decades among the Agta: Trials and Advantages of Long-Term Fieldwork with Philippine Hunter-Gatherers. Notes on Anthropology 4(2):79–88 (Co-author: Janet Headland.)

1999. Chimps Threaten Culture Concept.Anthropology News 40(6):4.

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1999. Lessons from a Hunter-gatherer Society in the Philippines: Implications for Development:Asian Studies Association of Australia: Electronic Journal 3 (May). Online.

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1997. SIL and Genocide: Well-Oiled Connections? An invited piece forAnthropology Newsletter 38(2):4-5 (February). (Co-author: Kenneth Pike.) Reviewed in Anthropology Today 13(2):24 (April 1997).

1996. Conflicts Between Missionaries and Anthropologists and a Review of Missionaries Reported Involvements in Human Rights: Selected Annotated Bibliography.Missiology: An International Review 24:271-280. (Co-author with Jeff Webster.)

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