Thomas N. Headland
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The Insider/Outsider Debate

Edited by Thomas N. Headland, Kenneth L. Pike, and Marvin Harris

Published in 1990. Reprinted by permission of Sage Publications, Inc.


Thomas N. Headland, Kenneth L. Pike, and Marvin Harris
1 Introduction: A Dialogue Between Kenneth Pike and Marvin Harris
Thomas N. Headland

Part I: The Dialogue

2 On the Emics and Etics of Pike and Harris
Kenneth L. Pike
3 Emics and Etics Revisited
Marvin Harris
4 Pike's Reply to Harris
Kenneth L. Pike
5 Harris's Reply to Pike
Marvin Harris

Part II: Reviews of the Dialogue and of the
History and Significance of Emics and Etics

6 Imposed Etics, Emics, and Derived Etics: Their Conceptual and Operational Status in Cross-Cultural Psychology
John W. Berry
7 Emic Analysis and the Limits of Cognitive Diversity
Robert Feleppa
8 Emics, Etics and Openness: An Ecumenical Approach
Dell H. Hymes
9 Emics and Etics: Notes on the Epistemology of Anthropology
James Lett
10 Anthropology, Evangelization and Abortion: The Grounding of Emics and Etics
Gerald F. Murray
11 The Phoneme's Long Shadow
Willard V. Quine
12 The Emic-Etic Distinction as Applied to Language
Nira Reiss

Part III: A Final Response

13 Pike's Final Response
Kenneth L. Pike
14 Harris's Final Response
Marvin Harris
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