Thomas N. Headland
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Major Journal Articles (peer reviewed)

2013. Land Rights and Inclusive Development: The Struggle of Marginalized Peoples against APECO. Langscape 2(12):54-63. (Co-author with Jerome Patrick Cruz, Tessa Minter, Sophie Grig, & Maria Gabriela Aparentado.)

2011. Hunter-Gatherers and Other Primates as Prey, Predators, and Competitors of Snakes. Proceedings of the Nat’l Academy of Sciences (PNAS Plus). DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1115116108. [Online]. (Co-author Harry W. Greene.)
Featured in: Discover; USN&WR online; Anthrop News; Anthrop Today; The Scientist; Cosmos; Scientific Computing; Psychology Today; Cornell Chronicle;;; NRC Handelsblad; Nat’l Paelentology Science News; R&D Mag; Qatar Tribune; Reptile; Herp Nation Mag; Atlantico; Eurekalert; Science Now; Science; Oggiscienza;;; Thai News Today; eScience News;; and in many hundreds of online blogs; also reviews in Chinese, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish.

2011. Co-residence patterns in hunter-gatherer societies show unique human social structure. Science 331:1286-1289 (March 11). [First author Kim Hill; secondary authors: R. Walker, M. Bozicevic, J. Eder, T. Headland, B. Hewlett, M. Hurtado, F. Marlowe, P. Wiessner, and B. Wood.]

1997. Revisionism in Ecological Anthropology. Current Anthropology 38:605-630.

1997. Limitation of Human Rights, Land Exclusion, and Tribal Extinction: The Agta Negritos of the Philippines. Human Organization 56:79-90. (Co-author: Janet Headland).

1996. Missionaries and Social Justice: Are They Part of the Problem Or Part of the Solution? Missiology: An International Review 24:167-178.

1996. Does Cultural Relativism Undermine Human Rights? Notes on Anthropology 23:1-13.

1991. The Tropical Rain Forest: Is It a Productive Environment for Human Foragers? Human Ecology: An Interdisciplinary Journal19:261-285. (Co-author with Robert C. Bailey.)

1991. Have Hunter-Gatherers Ever Lived In Tropical Rain Forest Independently of Agriculture? Human Ecology: An Interdisciplinary Journal19:115-122. (Co-author: Robert C. Bailey).

1990. What Are Plant Specifics? A Critique of Olofson's Search for the Tasaday. Philippine Quarterly of Culture and Society18:22-32.

1989. Population Decline in a Philippine Negrito Hunter-Gatherer Society. American Journal of Human Biology1:59-72.

1989. Hunter-Gatherers and Their Neighbors from Prehistory to the Present. Current Anthropology30:43-66. (Co-author: Lawrence Reid).

1988. Ecosystemic Change in a Philippine Tropical Rain Forest and Its Effect on a Negrito Foraging Society. Tropical Ecology 29(2):121-135.

1987. The Wild Yam Question: How Well Could Independent Hunter-Gatherers Live in a Tropical Rain Forest Ecosystem? Human Ecology 15:463-491. [Reviewed in Encyclopedia of Cultural AnthropologyTaking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in Anthropology. Kirk Endicott and Robert Welsch, eds., 2001, second ed. 2003.]

1987. Kinship and Social Behavior Among Agta Negrito Hunter-Gatherers. Ethnology 26:261-280.

1985. International Economics and Tribal Subsistence: A Report of a Microeconomic Study of a Negrito Hunter-Gatherer Society in the Wake of the Philippine Crisis of 1983. Philippine Quarterly of Culture and Society 13:235-239.

1983. An Ethnobotanical Anomaly: The Dearth of Binomial Specifics in a Folk Taxonomy of a Negrito Hunter-gatherer Society in the Philippines. Journal of Ethnobiology 3:109-20.

1981. Information Rate, Information Overload, and Communication Problems in the Casiguran Dumagat New Testament.Notes on Translation 83:18-27.

1977. Teeth Mutilation Among the Casiguran Dumagat. Philippine Quarterly of Culture and Society 5:54-64.

1977. A Sketch of Western Bukidnon Manobo Farming Practices, Past and Present. Philippine Quarterly of Culture and Society 5:65-75. (Co-author with George Hires).

1975. The Casiguran Dumagats Today and in 1936. Philippine Quarterly of Culture and Society 3:245-257.

1974. Grammatical Sketch of Casiguran Dumagat. Pacific Linguistics A-43:1-54. (Co-author: Alan Healey).

1974. Anthropology and Bible Translation.Missiology: An International Review 2:411-419. (Reprinted in Notes on Translation [1984], No. 100:18-23)