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17 September 2003
> Gentium updated, now an SIL project

18 October 2002
> Dissertation on diacritics posted

> Gentium coming to UN Headquarters

7 October 2002
> Gentium mentioned in press about ATypI

14 September 2002
> Gentium site introduced

23 June 2002
> New Font Hints page

> Scanning Tips

21 June 2002
> Research paper posted

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18 October 2002: Dissertation on Problems of Diacritic Design posted. Dates also set for bukva:raz! exhibit at the UN Headquarters.

7 October 2002: Gentium mentioned in article by John Berry about the ATypI-Roman conference.

14 September 2002: Gentium site introduced. The design is completely different in order to match the design of the type specimen. The Fontographer/FontLab skeleton pages have been temporarily unlinked until I have time to prepare some content for them!

23 June 2002: Font Hints section begun, with an article on Scanning.

21 June 2002: Paper on Balancing Typeface Legibility and Economy posted.

26 May 2002: Significant style revisions to address the following:

  1. Moved from specific CSS point sizes to relative ones
  2. Changed default font from Arial to Verdana
  3. Changed non-hover link colors
  4. Revised footer color and content
  5. Changed all H tags, making them gray (and less prominent)
  6. Changed H2 tag style to make it more prominent!
  7. Pulled Research page out to root level
  8. Began to keep updates page updated

18 May 2002: First version posted on SIL site.


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