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17 September 2003
> Gentium updated, now an SIL project

18 October 2002
> Dissertation on diacritics posted

> Gentium coming to UN Headquarters

7 October 2002
> Gentium mentioned in press about ATypI

14 September 2002
> Gentium site introduced

23 June 2002
> New Font Hints page

> Scanning Tips

21 June 2002
> Research paper posted

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Gaultney Academic Home

Welcome to my academic web space. Here you will find information, papers and links related to my research and work on typeface design, and my work with SIL International. Some of my interests:


Tools for typeface design
Design training methods
Apprenticeship models
Legibility and readability
Typefaces for compact publications
The role of calligraphy in type design
Calligraphic tools and techniques
Lettercarving in stone

Multi-script typefaces
Non-latin typefaces
Extended latin fonts
History and design of diacritics
Spoken vs. written language
Writing system behaviors
Smart fonts—OpenType/AAT/Graphite

I have recently completed an MA in Typeface Design through the University of Reading. Some of the material here is a direct result of that research and study. I hope you find something useful!

Victor Gaultney

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