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17 September 2003
> Gentium updated, now an SIL project

18 October 2002
> Dissertation on diacritics posted

> Gentium coming to UN Headquarters

7 October 2002
> Gentium mentioned in press about ATypI

14 September 2002
> Gentium site introduced

23 June 2002
> New Font Hints page

> Scanning Tips

21 June 2002
> Research paper posted

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No, this isn’t about CVTs and links, or alignment zones and deltas. Those are all very interesting, but that’s not what this section is about. If you want a good primer on font hinting, see the TrueType Typography pages.

Font Hints was a sporadic column I used to write for SIL International Publishing Services’ publication, Impressions. The idea was to take some font-related topic that pertains to desktop publishers, and give a brief introduction. Although that was many years ago, I decided to revive the idea for my site. This time, though, the topics are targeted to type designers, articles may be longer, and will be definitely be more sporadic.

These articles have grown out of my experience teaching others about type design. They focus on practical issues of using tools, not on the aesthetics of design. For more formal research see my Research page.

Scanning tips

Brief notes on how I scan samples for import into Fontographer. Be warned: I do things a bit differently than most others...

Non-Roman font design process outline

[ Coming someday ] How can you design a font for a script that you cannot read? This outline pulls together the years of experience I and others in SIL’s Non-Roman Script Initiative have had in designing non-latin/non-roman typefaces.

How to draw successful Bézier curves

[ Coming someday ] Drawing good Bézier curves is a foundational skill. The lack of this knowledge, in my opinion, is the number one reason why most would-be type designers give up.



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