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Index of Journal for Translation and Textlinguistics (JOTT)

For those interested in studies in translation.

Published as Occasional Papers in Translation and Textlinguistics (OPTAT) 1987–1990

OPTAT, Volume 1, 1987

Number 1

pp. 1–2 OPTAT
by Robert Longacre
pp. 3–11 Word Order in the Aramaic of Daniel
by Randall Buth
pp. 12–17 Translation of Modern Hebrew Prose
by Yishai Tobin
pp. 18–30 Adversative Couplets in Hebrew
by Michael B. Herchenroeder
pp. 31–58 What is the Meaning we translate
by Ernst-August Gutt
pp. 59–78 Translation and semantic assumptions
by H. Harwood Hess
pp. 78–86 A Discourse Analysis of the Temptation
by Daniel L. Akin

Number 2

pp. 1–36 Communications model for the measurement of fidelity and naturalness in Bible translation
by Ernst R. Wendland
pp. 37–65 Hermaneutics and the SMR model of communication
by T. Wayne Dye
pp. 66–82 Social act translation by Bruce Edward Tuggy

Numbers 3–4

pp. 1–146 A discourse analysis of Hebrews
by Linda L. Neeley
pp. 147–172 Logic line in Jude
by Harry Harm