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Academic training in SIL focuses on preparing people to do quality linguistic fieldwork, literacy, and translation.

Training for Roles in Language Work

Roles and Training Tracks

SIL cooperative programs offer training in several areas of specialization. By following a specific training track, students can complete courses that will prepare them for their chosen role in language work or for further study in a graduate program.

The training tracks for each of the roles listed below show the recommended courses for each specialty role in language work.

Students planning to work with SIL can contact their sponsoring agency or SIL entity administrators for recommendations on course packages and degree requirements. Actual courses, component modules, and sequencing vary depending on specific training program specializations and resources.

Contact individual training programs for current offerings so that advisors can review your background and training. They can also suggest variations to the courses of study on the basis of previous training and graduate degree requirements. Courses may be taken at more than one location to accommodate individual preferences and course availability.