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Academic training in SIL focuses on preparing people to do quality linguistic fieldwork, literacy, and translation.

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SIL at University of North Dakota (SIL-UND)

University of North Dakota
Grand Forks, North Dakota, United States

SIL-UND offers 1-4 summers of basic and advanced linguistic training as part of the University of North Dakota's regular academic program. Courses are available for undergraduate and graduate students and cover most of the subjects required to prepare for field service with SIL in the areas of linguistics, literacy, and translation. The first two sets of courses are available every summer; advanced courses are offered on a rotating basis. Students should normally have completed two years of college or university with a 2.8 GPA before applying. Specialties include courses in sign language linguistics, language survey and the literacy megacourse. (Interpretation is provided between English and ASL as needed.) Costs are kept low through SIL's close integration with UND's academic program, and in addition scholarships are available. The program runs nine weeks, from early June to early August each year.


The primary language of instruction for this program is English.

Courses in this program can be taken without pursuing a degree at UND

This program prepares students to begin functioning in the following role(s) in language work:

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