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Academic training in SIL focuses on preparing people to do quality linguistic fieldwork, literacy, and translation.

Training for Roles in Language Work

Language Surveyor

The courses listed constitute the required training for language surveyors. Exceptions to these requirements may be approved by the International Language Assessment Coordinator.

It is our goal that all surveyors working with SIL will also participate in a six-month internship on the field. This on-the-job training is taken as a member of a survey team under a qualified (Language Survey Consultant) mentor before beginning independent survey work as part of the team. If a surveyor continues in survey beyond one field term, study toward an advanced degree in sociolinguistics is recommended after the first field term.

Language Surveyor (Initial)
(Involvement in linguistic and sociolinguistic field surveys under the supervision of a language survey team leader)

Upon arrival on the field of assignment, the surveyor will successfully participate in

Language Survey Specialist (Intermediate)
(After successful completion of the Language Surveyor (Initial) role)

The required training for this role includes successful completion of the Language Survey (Initial) role plus additional professional development in at least two of these following five areas:

Language Survey Consultant (Advanced)
(Survey Team Leader or Survey Consultant)