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Academic training in SIL focuses on preparing people to do quality linguistic fieldwork, literacy, and translation.

Training for Roles in Language Work

Scripture Use Worker

Scripture Use workers need to be competent in certain areas in order to succeed in their roles. Most often, those working with SIL will need the courses below to acquire these competencies. Readiness for the role depends on having the competencies, not on taking a course. Documented educational life experiences or other training is taken into account.

Scripture Use workers may be nationals in the country of service, and may be working in their own ethnic group or one very similar to theirs. The recommended formal training for them includes:

Scripture Use workers who are working in a culture different than their own need to learn another language and culture. The recommended formal training for them includes the courses listed above plus:

Scripture Use workers will normally spend their first two years on the field in an ethnic group learning the language, culture, and getting hands-on experience in Scripture Use. This provides a solid foundation for a wider long-term ministry.

Training in Scripture Use is available at a growing number of venues: GIAL in Dallas, CanIL in Langley, B.C., Canada, ETP-UK, ATP (Africa Training Program in French), and more.