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Academic training in SIL focuses on preparing people to do quality linguistic fieldwork, literacy, and translation.

Training for Roles in Language Work

Intercultural Community Worker

The exact set of courses for this track is determined in consultation with the International Anthropology Department. An advisor will take into account the student's background, training, the type of Intercultural Community Work the student desires to pursue, and the future place of service. SIL courses in the area of the student's interest or specialty may be taken in addition to the courses listed.

Internship: This track includes assisting in the teaching of one of the following courses: Intercultural Communications and Training or Training Across Cultures. This provides practice in facilitation skills.

Basic Courses

Additional information on the Intercultural Community Worker track

Please contact:

International Anthropology Coordinator
7500 W. Camp Wisdom Road
Dallas, TX 75236-5629
Telephone: 972-708-7386