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Academic training in SIL focuses on preparing people to do quality linguistic fieldwork, literacy and translation.

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SULPHUR SPRINGS, ARKANSAS The first session of SIL, known then as "Summer Training Camp," was held at Happy Valley Farm, June 7–September 7, 1934. It combined rustic living and a training program geared to prepare the prospective linguist for village life and language learning in Latin America.

Today there are many SIL training programs worldwide. Individual courses and field workshops are also offered in many countries where SIL works. The teaching staff comprises field linguists and specialists in related fields who have experience from around the world. People who have been trained by SIL are working on all six continents under the auspices of numerous organizations.

The same pioneer spirit and dedication that motivated the first students over 70 years ago motivates today's students. Love of languages, love of people, a desire to see cultures preserved and empowered through literacy and translation. These are the passions that span the decades and make SIL a positive influence around the world and a practical choice for your education.