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Mother Tongue First
The Ngbaka literacy program
Women and literacy
A Journey in Literacy
Is There a Gender Difference in Literacy Acquisition?
Literacy Builds Hope
One Woman Can Make a Difference
Mothers Take Language Development into the Future
Women in Literacy: SIL International 2003 Annual Report
Multilingual education programs
Advocacy Kit for Promoting Multilingual Education: Including the Excluded
Promoting Literacy in Multilingual Settings
A special session at the American Anthropological Association (AAA) Conference
Sample Programs
Abau MLE Program
Bai Bilingual Program
Bilingual Education Preserves Kam Language
Cambodia Program
Jamaica Creole Project
Snapshots from the field
Africa: UNESCO recognition: … SIL Intermediate Course for African leaders in Literacy and Education
Cameroon: Books from Blank Pages
Guatemala: Professional Development for Mayan Ixil Mother-tongue Educators
Guyana: Wapishana Writer's Workshops and Literacy Tutor Training
Jamaica: Formative Assessment of a Jamaica Creole Bilingual Education Project
Mali: "From Asia to Timbuktu" - Bird Flu Materials for Languages in Mali, Africa
Papua New Guinea:Abau Multilingual Education Program
Papua New Guinea: Silk-screening School Books
Papua New Guinea: STEP Course: Strengthening Tokples Education in Papua New Guinea
Peru: Literature Promotion and Distribution—Quechua
Peru: Spanish-as-a-Second Language Textbook Series
Soloman Islands: Vernacular Newspaper Celebrates 200th Edition
Books from Blank Pages: Foundations of literature production course
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