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About Journal of Translation

The Journal of Translation is an academic journal of translation theory and practice with a special interest in Bible translation and in translation involving minority languages and cultures. Its purpose is to encourage scholarship, to enlighten the reader, to stimulate thought and discussion, and to promote appropriate cross-cultural and cross-linguistic communication.

The Journal of Translation is published without subscription, two times per year, by SIL International. Articles are published online in the form of PDF files that may be freely downloaded.

Articles, book reviews and short notes published in the Journal of Translation will deal explicitly with the topic of translation and will be judged by the Editor and the Editorial Board as appropriate for publication in the journal on the basis of their scholarship, originality and relevance.

General Information

The Editors welcome previously unpublished articles and book reviews. Contributions are welcomed from anyone associated with translation, and not merely from members of SIL. Preference will be given to articles which make a clear, helpful, and fresh contribution to translation theory and/or practice. In addition, the Journal of Translation welcomes notices of interest to readers, reports from conferences and workshops, book announcements, and reactions and addenda to articles. The Journal of Translation does not restrict the length of manuscripts, but the Editors reserve the right to condense submissions where appropriate. The normal language of publication is English.

Authors must include a brief abstract of 150 words or fewer with their manuscripts.

The Journal’s Editorial Board employs a double-blind refereeing system for critiquing submitted articles (i.e., the author does not know the identity of the reviewer, and the reviewer does not know the name of the author).

According to common academic practice, authors are asked not to submit a single manuscript to more than one journal at the same time.

Copyright of published articles

Material published in the Journal of Translation is copyrighted by SIL International and subject to the Terms of Use. By submitting material for publication in the Journal of Translation, authors agree that any material published shall be copyrighted by SIL International and shall be subject to the Journal’s Terms of Use.

Formatting and submitting

Style and format requirements

Authors interested in contributing material to the Journal of Translation should submit manuscripts electronically.

Microsoft Word .DOC format is the preferred file format for manuscripts. Authors should use the set of character and paragraph styles established by the Journal. Authors are encouraged to download and use the Microsoft Word template file, and also the Microsoft Word document JOT-Stylesheet.doc, which provides samples and explanations of the various paragraph and character styles to be used with the template file. (Note: Some web browsers may try to display the template file (, rather than downloading it. If clicking on the template link attempts to open the file, please download the ZIP version of the template.)

Authors of manuscripts containing a large amount of non-Roman text (such as Hebrew, Greek, IPA, or any other non-Roman script) are advised to submit a printed copy along with the electronic version of their manuscript. The Journal’s preferred fonts are:

Other non-Roman scripts should be encoded with Unicode fonts; or authors should consult with the Editor regarding proper encodings.

Submitting manuscripts

Manuscripts may be sent by e-mail to the editors at

[You must enable JavaScript in your web browser's preferences in order to view this email address]

. Electronic files on disk/CD-ROM and accompanying paper versions may be sent to:

Journal of Translation
PO Box 248
Waxhaw, NC 28173

We regret that physical media (paper, CDs, etc.) cannot be returned.