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Citation Format

Journal of Translation articles, being refereed journal articles, may be cited in the usual format used for academic articles. The only additional information required in a citiation of a Journal of Translation article are:

Here is a suggested format for bibliographic citation of Journal of Translation articles (parts in italics are replaced by specific information):

Author. Year. Title. Journal of Translation Volume.Number:Page numbers. Online. URL: URL. (Access date.)

For example:

Greenlee, J. Harold. New Testament Circumstantial Participles. Journal of Translation 1.1:1–04. Online. URL: (23 October 2007).

The URL may also be enclosed by angled brackets, like this:


This citation format is based on Xia Li and Nancy B. Crane, Electronic Styles: A Handbook for Citing Electronic Information (Electronic Style) (Medford, NJ: Information Today, 1996). For more information about citing on-line sources, see the Columbia Guide to Online Style.