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Journal of Translation 6(1)

Editor's Comments

by David Frank

We have three excellent articles in this issue of the Journal of Translation. The first, by Fritz Goerling, examines the translation of the concept “blessing/to bless” into Manding languages of West Africa. If Hebrew baraka is translated the way some of the academic literature suggests, the wrong message can result, but if the term is translated correctly, it can serve as a bridge for crossing from one culture to another. The article by Michael Walrod and Jamin Pelkey addresses the metaphorical nature of translation by turning attention to the use of a literary device called a four-syllable elaborate expression in Chinese Bible translations, in light of Paul Ricoeur’s interaction theory of meaning, Northrop Frye’s centripetal theory of meaning, and Walrod’s emergent text-level meaning. The third article, by Ernst Wendland, expands the theoretical foundation for the frames model of translation by providing a wide survey of the literature on frame analysis, from cognitive linguistics to public relations.

A team of three contributed to the editing of this issue of the Journal of Translation: Diane Dix, Newton Frank, and Barbara Shannon, under the direction of Eric Kindberg.

Please note a slight modification of the terms of reference for the Journal of Translation. Internationally, the field of translation is huge and quite important. Such a wide field is too much for the editorship of this journal to deal with, with its limited resources, and the journal will narrow its attention somewhat to give preference to papers that pertain somehow to Bible translation and translation into minority languages. This still leaves some latitude, such as to include articles that deal with the larger issues of translation, including philosophy and theory. We will also take greater advantage of the Journal of Translation Editorial Board to work with the Editor in deciding what is appropriate to publish in this journal.