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Journal of Translation 2(2)

Editor’s Foreword

by Ralph Hill

The “era of translation studies”? Well let’s hear about it!

In an introductory chapter entitled Scripture Translation in the Era of Translation Studies, Aloo Mojola and Ernst Wendland give a nice summary of the last few decades of modern Bible translation history (Bible Translation: Frames of Reference, ed. Tim Wilt. St. Jerome Publishing, 2003). They describe two distinct “eras,” namely, the “Nida era,” characterized by a dynamic equivalence approach to Bible translation, and the emergence of the “era of translation studies,” characterized by a number of contemporary translation approaches (e.g., functionalist, descriptive, text-linguistic, relevance theoretic, post-colonial, literalist, etc.). The second chapter by Timothy Wilt, Translation and Communication, goes on to describe translation from the point of view of various “frames” that tend to shape a given translation scope and purpose (cognitive, sociocultural, organizational, and communication-situation frames, etc.).

Along the lines of the contemporary era of translation studies, the Journal of Translation welcomes submission of articles from any and every translation framework that contributes to our understanding of the challenges of translation. In its short history, we have already enjoyed three contributions from a relevance theoretic perspective (Weber 2005 (SILJOT 1.2), Gutt 2006 (SILJOT 2.1), Zhonggang 2006 (SILJOT 2.2)), and another two from the perspective of cognitive linguistics (McElhanon 2005 (SILJOT 1.3), 2006 (SILJOT 2.1)). We would welcome additional articles addressing these and other approaches to enhance our growing appreciation of the various perspectives from which translation can be viewed.

Reviewers for JoT 2006

We would like to express our appreciation to the following people for serving as reviewers this year.