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Journal of Translation 1(1)

Editor’s Foreword

by Freddy Boswell


Welcome to the long-awaited launching of SIL’s Journal of Translation. In one sense, this is a replacement for Notes on Translation, as it provides an outlet for academic writing and research in this field. But JOT is truly different. It is a peer-reviewed, academic e-journal which incorporates recent investigations and discoveries not only in translation but also in related areas of study. We initially plan to e-publish the Journal three times a year, April, August, and December.

Our hope is that many will find their way to these pages and discover relevant information to supplement their work and interest in translation. We invite submissions from seasoned veterans, beginning practitioners, and students. While we already have a fairly long queue of articles, we are always looking for good material to publish, so be sure to send in your articles to the JoT editor. If your article is not yet written, but you have been investigating a certain area of study and want to get our opinion on whether or not you should keep digging and writing, please correspond with us.

By using the navigation bar on the left side of the website pages, you will discover the terms of use, citations format, and guidelines for submissions. Be sure to take a minute to familiarize yourself with these pertinent details.

We believe that the articles in this first issue will stimulate you. Your comments and feedback with both the authors and editors are always welcomed.