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Journal of Translation 3(2)

Editor’s Comments

by David Frank

As the Journal of Translation continues to establish itself and play an important role in the ongoing dialogue on translation theory and methodology, a number of changes have taken place. We thank Catherine Rountree and Ralph Hill for their service as editors of the journal, and for helping with the transition to a new editorship. Other changes have been taking place behind the scenes, as the organizational structure for publishing in SIL International has been undergoing some radical realignment, and new methods of publishing are being implemented.

But the essence of this journal is its content, and we see our role to be encouraging scholarly debate and original contributions in the field of translation. We look forward to seeing this dialogue continue. Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts for consideration, provided they make an original contribution to our corporate thinking. We also expect that the author has done the necessary research to take into consideration what others have said pertinent to their topic. We encourage a diversity of perspectives on translation.

For a variety of reasons, it is rare, or unheard of, for a manuscript to be submitted to the journal in a form that is ready to publish. I am impressed with the capability and hard work of the team of editors who work with the authors to refine their manuscripts to clarify the expression and give the articles a uniform and pleasing appearance.

Each manuscript submitted to the Journal of Translation has to be anonymously refereed at least twice before the editors can make a decision concerning its publication. This refereeing of manuscripts is essential for ensuring the standard of quality for a professional publication, but it is a difficult and thankless job. As part of the evaluation process the anonymous referees often provide insights that the editors pass on to the authors to improve quality of the manuscript. We would like to express our appreciation to the following people who have evaluated manuscripts for the journal over the past year, sometimes more than once: