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Journal of Translation 5(1)

Editor's Comments

by David Frank

This issue of the Journal of Translation follows a theme. We have two substantial articles, both dealing with Bible translation, both dealing with the signficance of culture in Bible translation, both from an African perspective. One author, Ernst Wendland, continues a discussion of "the cultural factor in Bible translation" that he first started to develop forty years ago. Both authors indicate that they have more to say, to develop the themes they are discussing here. Additionally, we have a substantial book review, which happens to be one of the books discussed in Wendland's article. When feasible, we will continue to plan issues of the Journal of Translation according to themes.

This issue of the Journal of Translation has been delayed quite a long time in appearing. That is my own fault, as editor, as I try to balance my editing with teaching, consulting, participating in confences and producing my own original materials in the areas of linguistics and translation. The authors published here have been patiently waiting for their articles to appear in published form. More articles and issues of the Journal of Translation are in preparation, and the delay between issues to be produced should be much less in the future.