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Journal of Translation 4(1)

Editor's Comments

by David Frank

Translation is quite a broad, fascinating and significant topic. The Journal of Translation seeks to provide an outlet for scholarly writings in the area of translation and provide a source of information and insights for anyone interested in translation. Subtopics dealt with in this journal range from the theoretical to the practical to the historical. Manuscripts are selected for publication in the Journal of Translation based on their explicit relevance to some aspect of the topic of translation. They also must be written in a scholarly fashion and make an original contribution.

As the Journal of Translation is an e-journal that is freely available to anyone who can access the internet, it is becoming increasingly international and diverse. This diversity is welcome, but it also brings new challenges. It makes the vetting and editorial processes much more complicated.

This issue of the Journal of Translation is slight, in quantity if not in quality. The problem is not a lack of manuscripts submitted to the journal for consideration, but more that the manuscripts that have been submitted—including those that do indeed deal with the topic of translation—represent a bewildering variety of backgrounds and scholarly standards from around the world. Since nearly all submitted manuscripts have something valuable to contribute, the challenge is for the editors and referees to understand the manuscripts well enough to be able to evaluate them, and then, for those that are provisionally accepted for publication, to work with the author to bring them up to the exposition and citation standards that the journal must use. There are some excellent manuscripts being processed, and the readers of this journal can look forward to a greater flow of material in the next year.

We are including a Short Note in this issue of the Journal of Translation. This Short Note is on the topic of translating Biblical Greek into English. The Editor and the Editorial Board will be discussing the value of extending the Short Note component of the Journal of Translation, to facilitate dialogue and the expansion of our knowledge related to translation, through notes that are something less than a peer-reviewed article. This could be a way of stimulating participation and increasing the usefulness of the journal without adding significantly to the editorial overhead.

We would like to express our appreciation to the following people who have evaluated manuscripts for the journal over the past year:

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