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Journal of Translation 1(2)

Editor’s Foreword

by Freddy Boswell

Hello and Goodbye

In the 2005 April issue, I gave a welcome to our readership. Now, in issue number two, I am telling you good-bye! Since we launched the Journal, I have moved into the role of SIL Vice President for Academic Affairs. I have thus handed off my editorial responsibilities to Catherine Rountree and welcomed Ralph Hill, our new International Translation Coordinator, to the position of co-editor with Catherine. While the Journal is broadly under the responsibility of my office, I am no longer involved in its day-to-day operations. As I consider the gifts, abilities, and responsiveness of your editors, I have full confidence that the Journal will prosper immensely under their leadership.

I am wildly enthused about this as an outlet for academic research and writing and am hopeful that many of you will not only find a place where you can access high quality articles but also a place where you can submit the fruit of your own labors. Please write to us with your ideas on new articles and also with feedback on those which have been published.

In closing, please allow me to speak metaphorically: as we have given birth to this new child within the Digital Publishing Initiative of Academic Affairs, we are anxious to watch her crawl, then walk, then run! Your feedback on content, layout, and quality is important to us so that we can usefully guide the development of this new resource. We have instituted a few changes from issue one, all in an effort to serve you better.

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