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Required Software

Here is a list of the software that is required or recommended for viewing the SILEWP.

Web browser

Most papers presented in HTML (the document markup language of Web documents) are readable by any Web browser that supports in-line graphics and tables. Some Netspace enhancements are used (such as centering), but these are not crucial to the presentation of the papers. The papers have been successfully tested with these browsers:

HTML styles and IPA fonts

Some papers use an advanced feature called HTML styles. Styles make it possible to specify that parts of the text should be displayed using a particular font, such as the SIL IPA fonts. To read these papers, you will need (1) the SIL IPA fonts 2.1 installed on your computer, and (2) a Web browser that supports HTML styles; presently these include Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3 for Macintosh and Windows 95/NT (but not Windows 3) and Netscape Navigator version 4 (part of Netscape Communicator). However, you may find that Netscape Navigator does not correctly display the IPA fonts, where as Internet Explorer does display them correctly.

An important note to Macintosh users: if the IPA font is not displayed properly when you view a paper, change your Web browser's Font/Document Encoding setting to "Western (MacRoman)".

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Some papers are supplied as PDF files which can only be read using the Adobe Acrobat Reader software. The reader is free and is available for Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX from Adobe's Acrobat download page. Follow their instructions for installing the reader on your computer and configuring your Web browser to handle PDF files.