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What are SIL Electronic Working Papers?

SIL Electronic Working Papers (or SILEWP) are published by SIL International (Dallas, TX). The issues of this series will be published only in electronic format and not in print. The primary means of distribution will be the SIL public website.

Will these be considered "official" publications?

Papers published in SILEWP will be given a formal citation with series name and issue number. SIL will treat publications in the series as having formal status by listing such publications in its corporation bibliography. As is the standard practice in the academic world, publication in the working papers series does not preclude revision and later publication in another outlet.

Submission process

Who may submit papers?

Any SIL staff member may submit a paper for publication in the series. Papers from non-SIL members whose work is closely related to SIL or who have worked with an SIL consultant may also be accepted, on a case-by-case basis.

How do I submit a paper for the series?

Before submitting a paper to the series, you should have it reviewed by a qualified consultant in the subject area and then revise it to the satisfaction of the consultant. Submit an electronic copy of the paper to the editor of the series along with a letter of recommendation from the consultant who reviewed it. If you have no access to a consultant, then you may go ahead and send your submission without a recommendation and the editors will have it reviewed.

By post, send submissions to:

7500 W. Camp Wisdom Road
Dallas, TX 75249

By e-mail, send submissions to:

Style and format requirements

What style must papers use?

Papers may be submitted which conform to any of these style standards:

In other words, there is no standard style for the series. The only requirement is that the paper be internally consistent in following some standard academic style.

What format must my paper use when I submit it?

Microsoft Word .DOC format is the preferred file format for manuscripts.

Authors of manuscripts containing non-Roman text (such as Devanagari, Hebrew, Greek, IPA, or any other non-Roman script) must submit a printed copy along with the electronic version their manuscript. The preferred font for Hebrew text is Ezra SIL; for Greek, Galatia SIL; and for IPA, Doulos SIL. Other non-Roman scripts should be encoded with Unicode fonts.