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SIL Electronic Working Papers 2011-006

A morphophonology of Komo: Non-tonal phenomena

Author  Thomas, John Paul
Abstract  Komo, a sub-Bantu language spoken in northeastern Zaire, exhibits a number of interesting interactions between the morphology and phonology during the process of word derivation. A framework using parametric rule description, underrepresentation of morphemes, and lexical phonology is used in describing non-tonal phenomena of the language. Use of this framework results in optimalizing the description of lexical entries and simplifying the derivation of forms exhibiting complex phonological alternations. Complete paradigms of verbs in a number of tense-aspect-mood configurations are included, even though they may go beyond the requirements of the analysis. Thus, this paper brings to light a number of unique features of a language that has not previously been studied.
  A morphophonology of Komo: Non-tonal phenomena
Published  2011
Language  Komo [kmw]
Country  Democratic Republic of the Congo
Subjects  Grammatical descriptions
Phonological descriptions
Keywords  morphophonology; syllable reversal; sub-Bantu; Komo