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SIL Electronic Working Papers 2011-003

Morphosyntactic correlates of reference in Auye

Author  Moxness, Michael
Abstract  Auye employs a very distinct reference strategy for narrative discourse. A "dominant" referent (or group) is consistently marked throughout the narrative with morphosyntactic forms that distinguish it from other referents. Languages around the world that have such a reference strategy usually mark the distinction on the referent NP. Auye, instead, expresses the distinction by means that are both morphological (tense-aspect marking on the mainline verb) and syntactic (special temporal adverbial clause types). After a description of the reference strategy, a proposed Dominance Hierarchy will attempt to show the correlation between the relative degree of dominance assigned to the referents and their morphosyntactic expressions.
  Morphosyntactic correlates of reference in Auye
Published  2011
Language  Auye [auu]
Country  Indonesia
Subjects  Discourse analysis
Language texts
Keywords  Auye; Papuan languages; discourse; participant reference; participant reference strategy; VIP reference; thematic reference; morphosyntax