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SIL Electronic Working Papers 2010-003

The phonology of Awngi

Author  Joswig, Andreas

This study presents the phonology of Awngi, a major Central Cushitic language spoken in Northern Ethiopia. Awngi has six vowels, one of which an almost predictable epenthetic vowel /ɨ/, and twenty-nine consonants, of which five are labialized and two are post-stopped fricatives. Two tone levels are also contrastive in the language. This paper presents evidence for contrast and variation for all Awngi phonemes, a description of the syllable structure, a discussion of the phonological rules, and a list of 325 Awngi words in IPA phonemic writing.

  The phonology of Awngi
Published  2010
Language  Awngi [awn]
Country  Ethiopia
Subject  Phonological descriptions
Keywords  Awngi; phonology; Ethiopia; Cushitic; labialized consonants; Phonological descriptions