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SIL Electronic Working Papers 2008-006

Mongghul phonology sketch

Author  Åkerman, Vesa

The phonological sketch of Mongghul (mjg) presented here is based on the dialect spoken in Dazhuang village in Donggou district, located in Huzhu Tuzu Autonomous County, Qinghai Province (青海省海东地区互助土族自治县东沟乡大庄村). Mongghul spoken in DongGou is generally claimed to be the standard dialect of the language. In China, Mongghul is known as the “Tu Language” (土族语). Earlier, Mongghul was seen as one of the two main dialects of the Tu language, spoken by the biggest group of the Tu nationality (土族). Today, they are considered to be two different languages, Mongghul and Mangghuer (spoken in Minhe County in Qinghai Province). The data here comes from interviewing several people in Dazhuang village, but my main informant has been a 62-year-old retired teacher. He has lived his whole life in Dazhuang village.

  Mongghul phonology sketch
Published  2008
Language  Tu [mjg]
Country  China
Subject  Phonological descriptions
Keywords  Tu language; Phonological descriptions