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SIL Electronic Working Papers 2006-001

Discontinuous nasal spread in Yaminahua

Author  Loos, Eugene E.

Rachel Walker's (1998) analysis of the universal characteristics of nasal spread provided a unified account of nasal spread that enabled the formulation of predictable spread patterns. The present analysis presents a new type of data not included in Walker's account: Yaminahua (Panoan) diverges significantly from hitherto identified patterns of nasal spread by allowing nasalization to skip over intervening nasalizable segments. By positing nasal autosegments this paper provides a rationale for the Yaminahua exceptions to Walker's universal pattern.

  Discontinuous nasal spread in Yaminahua
Published  2006
Language  Yaminahua [yaa]
Country  Peru
Subjects  Nasalization
Phonological change
Keywords  nasalization; Panoan language group; Peru; Yaminahua; nasal spread; Nasalization; Phonological change