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SIL Electronic Working Papers 2003-003

Relative clauses in Tadaksahak

Authors  Christiansen, Regula
Levinsohn, Stephen H.

Three distinct relativization strategies are used in Tadaksahak: a relative pronoun strategy, a gap strategy, and one that uses the morpheme sa (hereafter, the sa-strategy). One parameter that distinguishes these strategies is whether the relative clause is restrictive (relative pronoun and gap strategies) or nonrestrictive (sa-strategy); this difference is reviewed in section 1. The parameter that usually distinguishes the two restrictive strategies is whether the referent of the head noun is definite (relative pronoun strategy-sec. 3.1) or indefinite (gap strategy-sec. 3.2). Section 4 is devoted to the sa-strategy. The paper also discusses which grammatical relations can be relativized by each strategy (sec. 2), and some motivations for left-dislocating nominal constituents that contain relative clauses (sec. 5).

  Relative clauses in Tadaksahak
Published  2003
Language  Tadaksahak [dsq]
Country  Mali
Subject  Relative clauses
Keywords  relative clauses; relative pronoun strategy; gap strategy; sa-strategy; Relative clauses