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SIL Electronic Working Papers 2002-002

Mabire: a dying language of Chad

Authors  Hamm, Cameron
Johnson, Eric

The last few speakers of Mabire, a Chadic language of central Chad, provide information on the decline of the Mabire community, the origins of their people and language, and word list data. Based on the analysis of the word list, as well as the origin myths retold, it is suggested that the Mabire language be classified in the Dangla group of Eastern Chadic, along with Dangaleat (Dangla), and Migaama (Migama).

(Published simultaneously in the SIL Electronic Working Papers series as 2002-002 and the SIL Electronic Survey Reports series as 2002-080)

  Mabire: a dying language of Chad
Published  2002
Language  Mabire [muj]
Country  Chad
Subjects  Language classification
Language surveys
Keywords  Language surveys; Language classification