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SIL Electronic Working Papers 1998-003

The morpheme KA- of Carapana (Tucanoan)

Author  Metzger, Ronald G.

The Carapana language is principally spoken in the Department of the Vaupés, S.E. Colombia. It is one of four languages, viz., Carapana, Tatuyo, Wáimajã, and Yurutí (CTWY), utilizing a prefix unique to the twenty or so members of the TUCANOAN language family. In this paper the function of the morpheme KA- of Carapana is presented in its various environments, compared with the KA- of "sister" languages Tatuyo, Wáimajã and Yurutí and a unified definition presented. CTWY KA- is then compared to a similar morpheme in several ARAWAKAN languages in historically areal contact with CTWY, and a hypothesis of borrowing across language family lines proposed. Lastly, the author postulates how prefix KA-[and/or (a) more widespread form(s) of KA] may have influenced TUCANOAN languages as a whole.

  The morpheme KA- of Carapana (Tucanoan)
Published  1998
Language  Carapana [cbc]
Country  Colombia
Subjects  Comparative and historical studies
Keywords  linguistics; morphology; Morphology; Comparative and historical studies