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SILEWP 1997-008

Authors: Gary F. Simons
Title: PTEXT: A format for the interchange of parsed texts among natural language processing applications
Source: First presented at SIL's General CARLA Conference, 14-15 November 1996, Waxhaw, NC.
Keywords: computing, computational linguistics, natural language processing, SGML, PTEXT, CARLA
This paper describes a file format based on SGML that has been designed for the interchange of morphologically and syntactically parsed texts among natural language processing applications. A second prupose is to serve as an archival format for parsed text. After discussing the requirements for the file format, the resulting format, named PTEXT (for "parsed text"), is described and exemplified. The full details are given in the commented SGML Document Type Definition (DTD) for the PTEXT format which is supplied with the paper.
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