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SIL Electronic Survey Reports 2011-044

Sociolinguistic Survey of Lawa in Thailand

Author  Nahhas, Ramzi W.
Abstract  Western and Eastern Lawa are closely related Waic languages spoken in two provinces of northern Thailand: Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son. An orthography based on the Western Lawa variety spoken in Ban La-up has been developed and is used widely, especially by Christians, since there is a Western Lawa translation of the entire Bible. There is no Eastern Lawa orthography, and it was not clear before this survey whether or not the Eastern Lawa were shifting to Thai. A team of researchers surveyed the Lawa in February and March, 2006, using sociolinguistic questionnaires and intelligibility testing in order to assess the need for further vernacular literature development among the Lawa.
  Sociolinguistic Survey of Lawa in Thailand
Published  2011
Languages  Lawa, Bo Luang [lwl]
Lawa, Mae Hong Son [lcp]
Country  Thailand
Subjects  Language surveys
Keywords  Language surveys