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SIL Electronic Survey Reports 2010-022

A sociolinguistic survey of Setaman [stm]

Authors  Spencer, Juliann
Van Cott, Sara

This sociolinguistic survey of the Setaman [stm] language area was conducted from 18–23 July 2009. The goals of this survey were to determine whether Setaman is a dialect of Faiwol, a dialect of Bimin, or a separate language; to determine whether or not speakers of Setaman can be adequately served through Faiwol or Bimin literature; and to evaluate the vitality of the Setaman language.

The survey concluded that Setaman is a separate language from Bimin and Faiwol, and Setaman speakers cannot be adequately served by either Bimin or Faiwol literature. The ethnolinguistic vitality of the Setaman language is currently very high, as it is the primary language used by people of all ages in most situations.

  A sociolinguistic survey of Setaman [stm]
Published  2010
Languages  Bimin [bhl]
Faiwol [fai]
Setaman [stm]
Country  Papua New Guinea
Subjects  Language surveys
Keywords  Akalu; Fagobin; Sociolinguistics; Language surveys