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SIL Electronic Survey Reports 2010-002

Panará/Kreen-Akarore language survey report

Authors  Anonby, Stan
Holbrook, David J.

The Panará language is spoken by a very small group on the border of the Mato Gosso and Pará states of Brazil. Panará has been reported to be similar to both Kayapó and Canela languages. As with many other language groups of the Amazon Basin, there are a multitude of factors that potentially threaten the maintenance of these languages. This research identified evidence of the linguistic uniqueness of Panará and factors that are serving to help maintain the use of the language.

  Panará/Kreen-Akarore language survey report
Published  2010
Language  Panará [kre]
Country  Brazil
Subjects  Language surveys
Keywords  Language surveys