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SIL Electronic Survey Reports 2009-003

Upper Digul Survey

Author  Hughes, Jock

Seven languages of the Upper Digul River in east Papua were surveyed, with resulting wordlists and information on language vitality and attitudes. The languages are compared for lexical similarity using software WordSurv and Blair’s phoneme-counting methods for analysis. The survey data was gathered in two villages, one of which was home to none of the speakers. Included in this report are locations of villages, as well as information on health care, education, and communication.

  Upper Digul Survey
Published  2009
Languages  Komyandaret [kzv]
Korowai [khe]
Nakai [nkj]
Tangko [tkx]
Tsaukambo [kvz]
Wambon [wms]
Wanggom [wng]
Country  Indonesia
Subjects  Language surveys
Keywords  Language surveys