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SIL Electronic Survey Reports 2008-013

Jaunsari: a sociolinguistic survey

Author  John, Matthews

A survey of the Jaunsari language community was undertaken to investigate the need for mother-tongue language development and literacy programmes. The goals of the survey were as follows:

  1. Appraise the extent of dialect variation within the Jaunsari speech community, and to determine the similarity to Sirmauri and Garhwali. Intelligibility measurements would also be made if necessary.
  2. Assess the vitality of the Jaunsari language including language use in domains of daily life, attitudes and bilingual proficiency in Hindi.
  3. Identify the geographical areas inhabited by the Jaunsari people.
  Jaunsari: a sociolinguistic survey
Published  2008
Languages  Garhwali [gbm]
Hindi [hin]
Jaunsari [jns]
Sirmauri [srx]
Country  India
Subjects  Language surveys
Keywords  Language surveys; Sociolinguistics