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SIL Electronic Survey Reports 2007-020

A report on the creoles of Amapá

Author  Anonby, Stan

There are several varieties of French Creole. This report will focus mainly on those spoken in northern Amapá, Brazil that are usually referred to as Karipuna French Creole. The history of the four people groups in this area is heavily linked to France, and there is still a lot of migration back and forth from French Guiana. The Brazilian groups this paper deals with are the Karipuna (population 1,726), Galibi Marworno (population 1,787), Palikur (population 1,499), and Galibi do Oiapoque (population 30). The regional differences in Creole do not pose a serious barrier to comprehension. Most of the education is in Portuguese and almost everyone is bilingual in that language.

Two other creoles were looked at, Amapá Creole and French Guianese Creole. Amapá Creole was found to be nonexistent.

  A report on the creoles of Amapá
Published  2007
Languages  Carib [car]
Guianese Creole French [gcr]
Karipúna Creole French [kmv]
Palikúr [plu]
Country  Brazil
Subjects  Creole languages
Language surveys
Keywords  Language surveys; Creole languages