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SIL Electronic Survey Reports 2007-016

Sociolinguistic survey of Mpi in Thailand

Author  Nahhas, Ramzi W.

Mpi is a language spoken mainly in only two villages in Thailand, and possibly in one location in China, as well. Currently, Mpi does not have vernacular literature, and may not have sufficient language vitality to warrant the development of such literature. Since there are only two Mpi villages in Thailand, and they are surrounded by Northern Thai communities, it is reasonable to be concerned about the vitality of the Mpi language. The purposes of this study were to assess the need for vernacular literature development among the Mpi of Northern Thailand and to determine which (if any) Mpi varieties should be developed. This assessment focused on language vitality and bilingualism in Northern Thai. Additionally, lexicostatistics were used to measure lexical similarity between Mpi varieties.

  Sociolinguistic survey of Mpi in Thailand
Published  2007
Language  Mpi [mpz]
Country  Thailand
Subjects  Bilingualism
Dialect surveys
Language maintenance
Language surveys
Keywords  Dialect surveys; Bilingualism; Language maintenance