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SIL Electronic Survey Reports 2007-002

A Survey (RTT) of the Bambili-Bambui Language

Authors  Bombay, Elaine
Crawford, Karyn

In this study the authors report on how well the speakers of Mbui (known more widely as Bambili-Bambui) can understand and possibly use literature already developed in the Bafut language. Both are languages of the North West Province of Cameroon.

A survey trip was made in June 2002. Based on results of intelligibility testing (Recorded Text Tests) it is concluded that it is unlikely that both groups can use the same literature.

  A Survey (RTT) of the Bambili-Bambui Language
Published  2007
Languages  Bafut [bfd]
Bambili-Bambui [baw]
Country  Cameroon
Subjects  Intelligibility testing
Language surveys
Keywords  Language surveys; Intelligibility testing