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SIL Electronic Survey Reports 2004-006

A rapid appraisal (RA) survey of Kendem

Authors  Anderson, Heidi R.
Kr├╝ger, Susanne

This report describes a rapid appraisal survey conducted on May 29, 2001 among the Kendem in the Tinto and Upper Banya Subdivisions of the Mnyu Division of the South West Province of Cameroon. The research objectives were to gather data on language use and language attitudes of the Kendem and the vitality of the Kendem language, to determine the genetic relationship of the Kendem, Denya, and Kenyang languages, and to determine if the Kendem people would benefit from language development in Denya or Kenyang.

  A rapid appraisal (RA) survey of Kendem
Published  2004
Languages  Denya [anv]
Kendem [kvm]
Kenyang [ken]
Country  Cameroon
Subjects  Language surveys
Keywords  Language surveys