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SIL Electronic Survey Reports 2004-004

Sociolinguistic Survey of the Dogon language area

Authors  Durieux, J. A.
Durieux-Boon, E. I. K.
Hochstetler, J. Lee

In 1998 a sociolinguistic survey was conducted in the Dogon language area in central Mali to assess whether all Dogon speakers could potentially use literature published in the Toro-soo speech variety (the Dogon variety selected by the Malian government to be the sole standard). If not, then which speakers of which speech varieties would have trouble understanding it? To what degree might these Dogon speakers benefit from literature in Bambara and Fulfulde? Or might further linguistic analysis and literacy work be needed in other Dogon speech varieties in order for all Dogon speakers to have access to a literature they could understand? This research included identifying the Dogon speech varieties, listing villages where each is spoken, mapping the geographical area of each speech variety, collecting wordlists, and asking questions following a standardized questionnaire.

  Sociolinguistic Survey of the Dogon language area
Published  2004
Languages  Bangi Me [dba]
Dogon, Bondum Dom [dbu]
Dogon, Dogul Dom [dbg]
Dogon, Donno So [dds]
Dogon, Jamsay [djm]
Dogon, Tene Kan [dtk]
Dogon, Tomo Kan [dtm]
Dogon, Toro So [dts]
Dogon, Toro Tegu [dtt]
Country  Mali
Subjects  Language surveys
Keywords  Language surveys; Sociolinguistics