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SILESR 2000-002

Authors: Karla Faurot, Dianne Dellinger, Andy Eatough, and Steve Parkhurst
Title: The Identity of Mexican Sign as a Language [Lenguaje de signos mexicano: La identidad como lenguaje del sistema de signos mexicano]
This paper addresses the question, "Is Mexican Sign Language (LSM) a distinct language, with a linguistic and sociolinguistic identity of its own?" We have examined LSM from three different angles. Is LSM different from other sign languages, particularly American Sign Language (ASL)? Is LSM different from the national spoken language which surrounds the Deaf community? Are there regional dialects of LSM which are significantly different from each other?

[ Resúmen en español]
Paper: PDF in English, PDF en espaƱol (This paper is published jointly in this series and on the SIL-Mexico website.)

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