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SIL Language and Culture Documentation and Description 21

Far Western Muria (Gaita Koitor Boli) Phonology Summary

Authors  Mathew, Rincy
Mathew, Thomas

Far Western Muria [fmu] (Gaita Koitar Boli) has 21 consonant phonemes and 10 vowels (5 short and 5 long). Word-medial geminated (long) consonants and half-long consonants are conditioned by vowel quantity. There are no vowel clusters, but consonant clusters occur both word medially and finally. The phonetic nonsyllabic high vowels that occur between some consonants are analysed as open transitions.

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Published  2013
Language  Muria, Far Western [fmu]
Country  India
Subjects  Linguistics
Phonological descriptions
Keywords  homorganic nasal; consonant co-occurrence; glides