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Cognition and Learning: A review of the literature with reference to ethnolinguistic minorities

Author  Davis, Patricia M.

This volume is a review of the literature published with reference to cognition and learning, especially as it relates to ethnolinguistic minorities. Chapter One focuses on developmental theories, Chapter Two summarizes behaviorist theory, Chapter Three reviews information-processing theories, and Chapter Four treats learning styles, with a special focus on the holistic learner. Finally, Chapter Five discusses basic premises of social constructivism.

The list of References at the end of the book, although not exhaustive, does bring together the principle titles available on the topic up to 1991, as well as some more recent works. In order to represent source authors’ perspectives accurately, special effort has been made to find and cite the primary sources.

A longitudinal study, the book traces the development of present-day thinking about cognition and learning. It also contains suggestions for educators facing the challenges of cross-cultural classrooms. To our knowledge, it is the only book which presents this type of information under one cover.

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Published  2013
Subject  Literacy
Keywords  learning theories; behaviorist theory; information processing; Schema Theory; learning styles; teaching methods; Social Constructivist Theory